What are advertorials and how are they used

The advertorial is an article that combines an advertising purpose with a journalistic style. It is an alternative to commercials or photography + slogans with which we have become accustomed to associating the idea of ​​advertising.

“There is no law that says advertisements should look like advertisements,” wrote David Ogilvy. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract more readers. Six times as many people read a regular article as an advertisement. ”

Knowledge marketing or educational marketing recognizes the need for buyers to receive more information for more complex products and services, to be helped to understand the need, characteristics and benefits of a particular solution.

I searched the Internet for what advertorials look like in different countries. In Nigeria, you can see in the pages of news article directory praising a company that thousands of people read believing. In the USA, the appearance of publishing houses respects certain rules: in a visible place, the mention must appear that the material is advertising and the name of the sponsoring company. In the advertising spaces thus marked, the companies share their experience, offer free consultancy, present the latest research in their field, recommend strategies, everything being designed for the benefit of the client. Between Nigeria and the USA, each state, each PR official has his own way of benefiting from the persuasive power of advertorials.

Intended for manipulation or help, with laudatory or neutral content, with scientific rigor or with truncated and misinterpreted quotes, better or worse written, advertorials are a powerful marketing communication tool.

If I were to choose three elements that determine the form and content of an advertorial as the variables in an algebra equation, I would choose the objectives, the media, and the audience. The objective (what you want your advertorial to do) is the one that determines the message teaches you to choose the topic.